2019...The Year to Make it Happen!

Happy New Year!!

I must admit I have been anticipating the start of 2019 for a while now! The reason being is because I was able to do a lot of planning for it back in December and some excitement has been building! Excitement for the plans I have and for the new opportunities and experiences I know are waiting for me just around the corner. I have a strong feeling that this year is going to be ‘the one’! The one where all my hard work in the business starts to pay off!

January so far is packed with new and great value products coming in and I haven’t even attended BETA yet!! I have plans to attend a BETA the British Equestrian Trade Association Show and another fabulous event hosted by HiHo Silver in February all of which will be taking me off the Island for a short period. I so look forward to the new people I am going to meet at these events and a change of scene! I have made a bit of a New Year’s resolution, (though I’m not really into them) to only do what is best for me, surround myself with people who are good for me and hopefully, I am in return, good for them!

As for the rest of the year I am looking to go with quality rather than quantity, I felt I exhausted myself doing the shows and Eqwine parties last year and although I loved doing them, by the end of it I really felt glad they were over for the summer so I will be going for the less is more approach!

My main goal for 2019 is to really ramp up the online sales side of things, it’s a side of the business I really enjoy dealing with, it really interests me to see how far my little business is reaching around the world and I love engaging with customers far and wide.

On a local level I really want to get the shop looking more organised. I’m not sure how organised you can make a shoe box, (if you have visited the shop you will know how small a premises I operate out of) but I am determined to give it a fair crack of the whip. I have to say though; my shop could look like the equestrian version of Harrods and I still wouldn’t be happy with it! There is always room for improvement!

Anyway, here’s to another wonderful year to be spent with horses…and I hope 2019 brings you much success with them!

Best wishes

Rosie x